Not a photobomb but still epic.  Billy in a helicopter today for our charity shoot.  

I got to bomb Ramagious during a shoot with Little Skull!  Thanks for the share Jos!  

New, yet… classic.  The Behind-The-Couch Bomb!  Naidia and I in Studio A.  By WD Boston!

Naidia and I in Studio C, by WD Boston!

Allysa and I doing our part with Little Skull Photography!  Save Market Basket!!  Thanks Mike and Joslyn!

I live an interesting life.  Leanna Banana.  

I got bombed!  Shooting Keren, I got bombed by Billy, Greg, and Zara.  Nicely done.  Nicely done.  In a Mule no less!

Dagger Slade captured this image of Shelly and I at Dave’s last group shoot!

Steve captured this rare BOKEH BUD BOMB - I am behind Karyna thoroughly out of focus - he is shooting the ginormous Canon 200mm f/2 lens.  

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.  Heather bombing Leah whilst Bruce shoots.  Brian and Joe are gripping here.  Image by Dave Dawson.