I live an interesting life.  Leanna Banana.  

I got bombed!  Shooting Keren, I got bombed by Billy, Greg, and Zara.  Nicely done.  Nicely done.  In a Mule no less!

Dagger Slade captured this image of Shelly and I at Dave’s last group shoot!

Steve captured this rare BOKEH BUD BOMB - I am behind Karyna thoroughly out of focus - he is shooting the ginormous Canon 200mm f/2 lens.  

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.  Heather bombing Leah whilst Bruce shoots.  Brian and Joe are gripping here.  Image by Dave Dawson.

This is an epic bomb of Sera at yesterday’s group shoot on the farm.  By Doug at Daggerlade.

Me bombing L, by Dastardly Dave himself!

There are a lot of firsts.  And this is the first time I got licked by Leah.  Hat tip to Lens Wild for capturing this moment!  On our SOPHA Walkabout today…

Yup.  Coolest. Job. Ever.  Me and Sarah Hauk in Studio A during last night’s group shoot as run by Dastardly Dave.  Image by Lens Wild!

I do really have the best job ever.  EVAR!  Sarah Hauk and I in Studio C as shot by WD Boston.